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Speech by Chairman of Board

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It has been 17 years for Soling since its foundation. During these 17 years, Soling developed from its initial injection molding business into a large-scale car electronic professional manufacture of vehicle information terminal, integrated from development, production, sales and service. That is what we called start up business, gone through a tortuous journey for harvest for 17 years! Therefore, today, on behalf of Soling, I would like to thank all the people who work with his soul and heart, thank all the people who loves and blessing with Soling`s growth! I am sure, for ourselves, we have person who contribute their effort for Soling, for outside, with the full support of friends from all sectors of society, the successful road for Soling will go further and further!

The vision for Soling is to "create world famous brand, build long lasting Soling for hundred years ", and it keeps on the same direction all the time. The same as the company and the personnel, all the growth can not achieve overnight, but need a long accumulation for months and years. So is for a brand! There are hardship and glory during the growth. When we looking back on the past 17 years, Soling accomplished tremendous achievements! And now, there are multiple core divisions of SMT and electronic packaging as well as four independent development brands, such as "Soret", "DHD", "the Mitsubishi SOLING" and "Miaoshiku", providing services to famous automobile companies in many countries and special" OEM "4 s shop car manufacturers. There are altogether more than 200 various kind of products for Soling, it sales to over 30 provinces in the country and  exported to over 60 countries and regions such as Europe, the United States and southeast Asia, constructing an enormous globe marketing system.

Even we have obtained such gigantic achievement, yet, we are not complacent. A nation without awareness of unexpected development is difficult to get the attention of the world. The same as for the company. If the company must have the awareness of unexpected development to survive in the competition and be successful! Soling is developing dangerously, keep on summary up experience and lessons to make practical progress!

The growing of an enterprise needs to work and improve from all aspects. For so long, Soling adhere to this principle and have strict demand on itself for rapid development.

In terms of the internal management, Soling pays attention to the internal coordination and cohesion to strengthen the management and execution. Under the circumstance of financial crisis,  many foreign brands imported into the domestic market, which aggravated the competition in the automotive electronics industry. Under such a market environment, the key for the success or failure of the enterprise is high effective and powerful management which can guide the enterprise to develop higher, faster and further! Soling take actively adjustment on its policy during this crisis, it pay attention to not only on the longitudinal deepening brand, marketing expansion, product enrichment, intimate service, but also enhance the management for benefit, successfully change "crisis" into "chance". This effective action shows not only the united spirit of Soling staff, but also illustrate its high efficiency and powerful management model.

In terms of quality control, Soling regards quality as its life, and quality is the common responsibility for all Solings. As we all know that, quality is the essence guarantee for the long-term development of an enterprise, Soling makes constant accumulation in its development , and always strictly control the quality, and each production link, each product need to pass strictly quality control and testing system to guarantee the quality from material selection, production, packaging, delivery to after-sales so as to ensure the high quality product and the timely detail service for customers. With the method of controlling logistics cost to reduce product cost, improve product cost performance and bring more benefits to our customers.

In terms of the enterprise culture construction, after seventeen years of hardship and glory, we have already accumulated our profound corporate culture, which is our wealth and value and the power as well as faith for us to provide our customers good quality products. Good idea comes from the excellent culture, people-oriented is the essence of enterprise culture. Even in the hard time, Soling recruited excellent personnel with high salary, import  new personnel management model, motivate employees to work hard, guide the enterprise to strive upward, aggressiveness and innovation, push the company to prosperity with a kind of intangible and great power.

In terms of brand building, Soling pays attention to brand image. Start from scratch, from good to great, it is a process, the ultimate goal of enterprise is to develop forever. Brand is the important carrier of enterprise competition, also a sign of corporate success. In recent years, with the change of the economic situation, Soling industry take active adjustment on its marketing strategy to not only maintain the strength of the overseas market operation, but also enhance the expansion of domestic market at the same time, successfully completed the transformation from trade-oriented to well-known brand domestic and abroad by independent development. Meanwhile, Soling emphasis the propaganda, cooperate with various media, participate in all kinds of exhibition to implement professional and international development strategy.

In terms of customer cooperation, Soling pays attention to create a win-win market. We take the customer demand as motivation, reform and innovation, pursuit of first-class quality and service, create win-win business atmosphere a of warm and open, sincere cooperation, expand and forge, we sincerely hope to develop with people from all walks of life to create the brilliancy together!

Thousands of enterprises are development in the competition in the business world! I firmly believe that, young Soling will create a new situation under the condition of wide sailing environment!

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