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Research and Development Achievement

Company always pays attention to technology innovation, independently makes research and development multiple leading core technology at home and abroad as followings:

(1)Car Networking Application Platform

Mainly integrate various core technology function such as onekey navigation, remote anti-theft monitoring, dynamic traffic, 3D navigation, 3G wireless Internet, multimedia entertainment, emergency rescue, voice recognition etc.. Onekey navigation connects the call center with vehicle through a wireless network for the one-to-one manual service, simplifies the complex operation process; Remote anti-theft monitoring can lock car for the whole day, and can real-time feedback to the car owner the car location information through the interaction with cell phones, so as to confirm the safety of the vehicle; Dynamic traffic can provide owners with dynamic route information in accordance with the relevant historical data and the latest traffic information; Emergency function allows the driver to press the emergency key to connecting the special line in case of sudden accidents during driving, and the rear service desk will quickly and accurately contact with the relevant agencies to ensure the driving safety after they get the basic situation of the scene.

(2)Android Vehicle-mounted Application Platform

This platform supports the multiple functions of smartphone interconnection, various map and multi-mode navigation, global function website browsing, such as supporting 4TB mobile HDD, double USB2.0 high-speed interface, HDMI/USB/Wi-Fi, with base on the second generation of Android 4.4.2 deep optimization system, Android/Win8 dual-interface style, adopting the combination of dual-core architecture CORTEX A9 + 4 nuclear GPU, super large digital screen 10.1 inch in high resolution (1024 x 600), the built-in memory 1 GB DDR3, 8 G / 16 G Inand Flash capacitive full-screen touch one-piece physical induction, The platform displays the functions such as vehicle condition, driving data, mileage oil consumption, rada on the viewing screen of the c-car through the decode of the original car CAN interface, through multi-channel video input methods to achieve functions such as navigation, bluetooth, 3G Internet, radio, DTV/ATV/DVR, video rearview system, Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile Internet etc.; Meanwhile, the hardware design was optimized, the running speed has increased more than 2 times than traditional ARM11, improving the equipment sensitivity and operation speed.

(3)Big dipper ii + GPS double satellite navigation system application platform

The platform supports beidou/GPS dual-mode satellite receiving and dual mode combined positioning algorithm. The joinly positioning of Beidou/GPS double satellite can still reach the positional accuracy of horizontal positioning 5m, vertical 10m even under the most complex environment, improving the accuracy of positioning. When GPS is interference by man-made or beyond man-made, beidou/GPS combination can provide stronger anti-interference ability; The more satellite beidou/GPS combination locked,  the faster the startup time is;  the more satellite choose provided by beidou/GPS combination, the stronger usability for the navigation positioning when inurban canyons, mountains and forests. Therefore, it can be better meet the demand of modern intelligent traffic management.

(4)All- touch intelligent connecting serial platform

The platform has the function of intelligent extension, it can support the synchronous mirroring operation with brand smartphone such as Samsung, HTC, Huawei, connect mass application with c-car screen like mobile communicating function, video, mobile navigation function etc., it also can operate on the c-car screen and support mobile phone charging at the same time.

(5)High speed PCB signal integrity design technology

With the continuous development of vehicle navigation technology, its function becomes more and more powerful, the application of duplex or multiplexing mode in products is also becoming more and more popular, which makes the product design become more complex. In product design, the internal space of the product is full of plenty of packaging device, high speed logic devices, low frequency high-power devices and high frequency small signal device, the designers had to increase the PCB layer to reduce the mutual influence between the signals, how to prevent the radiation and conduction interference between signals so as to ensure all kinds of signal transmission integrity in this condition that full of various of digital signal, analog signal and high-power signal is key to product design. In the process of product design,  the company makes full use of simulation technology, establish IBIS (Input/Output Buffer Informational Specifation) model, which can timely solve the problems such as various high-speed sequence of signal transmission, reflection, overshoot and ringing, crosstalk, power ground bounce in product design.

(6)Electromagnetic field high-speed automatic scanning technology

With the development of automotive electronics industry, there are more and more automotive electronic equipments, how to guarantee their work stability and prevent the mutual interference of auto electronic equipment involves the user's safety. Soling uses electromagnetic field high speed automatic scanning technology and through the scanner probe to the change of electromagnetic field due to the high frequency current changes, through the system to provide the visual image of the spatial distribution of the RF current on the PCB, so that engineering technical personnel can find out the relevant problems and corrected in time before executing the testing of electromagnetic compatibility standard, which can effectively restrain or eliminate the external electromagnetic interference of electronic equipment.

(7)The Internet of things (IOT) big data application technology

With the development of the Internet of things application, "big data" starts its application in vehicle management system. By the help of  "big data" technology,  huge amounts of information such as remote collection, storage, analysis, mining, concurrent and management can be solved and achieve the function mentioned above to ensure the collective and transmitted information are accurate, real-time and effective by the on-board wireless terminal, meanwhile, the information center will take unified arrangement and centralized management of the intelligent car products, which can actually achieve the intelligent on-board management to further upgrade  the application ability and level of the intelligent on-board products. The core of the IOT big data application is to design, develop big data running disposal Hadoop software platform, including HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system, providing huge amounts of data collection and storage) and parallel computation framework (MapReduce, providing data calculation)

(8)Embedded software system design technology

The implementation of the powerful control function of on-board wireless terminal can be achieved by the company independent development of embedded software system implementation. This software system adopts the SPD design, uses the loose coupling distributed software architecture, including the WinCE system BSP underlying software, APP application layer software, MCU system logic processing software, BUS (CAN, LIN, IE BUS) read/application management software, UI, etc., has characteristics of open, unified, compatible with the mainstream operating system file and PC, easy use, function-expandable, software, easy to upgrade, etc.

(9)Patent Achievement

Have declared three patents for invention, 96 utility model patents, 31 appearance patents and 24 software copyright.

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