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R&D Advantage

The company is a national high-tech enterprise. For many years, Soling has made constantly investment on technology research and development an excellent team of technology research and development.

R&d team mainly implemented the technical breakthrough on various aspects such as system control software development, embedded software development, human-computer interaction design, hardware design, communication system, system simulation, test and certification, having the ability of embedded operating system deep customization, transplantation and optimization ability, and accumulating rich design experiences in some aspects, such as audio technology, electromagnetic compatibility, power management, bus interface and control system, the team also has technical strength in terms of car network interconnection technology, the Internet of things cloud platform hardware technology, online access capacity from data to storage, intelligent software system upgrade and open cloud service background,  which can meet various customers` individual needs in multiple dimensions through CID, mobile phone, tablet, computer cross-platform interconnectivity. Up to the end of December 2014, there are altogether 208 research and development staff, accounting for 13.32% of the total number of employees. Obtained altogether 125 patents, 24software Copyrights.

The research and development technology center covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, with advanced design development software, hardware design software, software development and design software, thermal analysis software, optical analysis software and project management software. All hardware resources that the product needs including welding equipment, signal logic analyzer and oscilloscope, multi-point temperature detector, direct current power device of different power output etc., and have the laboratory in industry standard and product standard, including the complete product test, analysis, environment/reliability such as EMC,  the configuration product EMC testing, vibration experiment, temperature experiment, luminous flux test, impact test and noise test.

Soling has established stable coordination research and development relationship with Tsinghua university, Shenzhen university, Shenzhen vocational and technical college and other colleges and universities, and employed domestic well-known industry experts to make instruction for product development and technology innovation, providing technical support for constantly promotion on technological innovation and product upgrade for the company.

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