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Research and Development Department

Creation has been always the core of enterprise culture since its foundation.

The research and development of technology products as a foundation and technical support for the sustainable development of enterprise, adhering to the research and development policy of "market led research and development, research and development promote the management” ,  insist to give priority to independent development, meanwhile, take active absorption of the creation development road from the advanced technology at home and abroad, making efforts to achieve" production generation, research and development generation, pre-research generation ".

Company established a special “technology center” of new product for research and development, with subordinate departments such as front loading development department, product design department, technology development department, design verification department, prototype and development data researchgroup, BOM groups and product improvement groups.


The major work content for the main departmentsFront loading development department: the planning and design of new products; To ensure the definition, implementation and compliance of the product life cycle, commit to product development efficiency; To ensure smooth production of product design and development to meet the requirement of customers product quality.

Product design department: planning and implementation of product platform development; Selection and planning of product platform solution; New product design introduction; New product conception of program. New product schematic diagram, PCB integration planning and design; Standardize requirement analysis of design, components, modules, components and tools using, definition of  the platform architecture, write the preliminary design and related documents.

Technology development department: the planning of the company's technology research and development direction; Research and development of human resources planning and recruitment; Product platform scheme selection and planning implementation of product platform development; Coordination and integration of overall resource platform, constantly adopting new material, new technology, making efforts to improve the quality of the products.

Design verification department: responsible for the confirmation and evaluation of new product parts samples, and responsible for new product design verification.

Prototype department: responsible for material preparation and production of a prototype.


Research People

The company always adheres to the people-oriented concept, attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents since its foundation, after many years of accumulation, the company has trained out a batch of technical backbone in the industry with high level. Up to December 31, 2014, the company has altogether 208 research and development staff.


Product development process

The company formulate the standard of the product development process in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality management system, meanwhile, when implementing the product development management, it keeps on optimizing the development process according to the needs of product.

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