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Furthermore, Soling has passed the Android auto certification!

Published in 2018-05-29

Not long ago, Soling passed the Apple Carplay certification with an industry pass rate of only 2%, demonstrating the technical strength of Soling itself.

Soon after, the news came again, and Soling passed the Android Auto certification!

/ What is Android Auto? /

Android Auto is a new car-based smart terminal system based on Android interface launched by Google. It is designed to replace the car manufacturer's native car smart terminal to execute Android applications and services and access and access Android mobile phone content.

At the Google I/O conference on June 26, 2014, Android Auto first appeared in the public.

In March 2015, Android Auto was officially launched.

Following Google's design specifications, Android Auto uses the Google material design design language.Therefore, Android Auto needs to connect to the mobile phone for use, but it does not simply project the mobile phone interface onto the car screen. Instead, it redesigns the Android interface to follow the numerous regulations on the in-vehicle smart terminals around the world. The state-of-the-art software design level provides a good user experience.

For example, Android Auto does not have an application icon that usually fills the entire screen, and the navigation bar becomes a resident application launcher at the bottom, which makes it easier for users to switch applications and improve driving safety.

/ What can Android Auto do? /

Currently, several features that Android Auto can integrate with Android devices are:

Google Now: Personal Wisdom Assistant;

Google Maps: satellite positioning and voice navigation to assist drivers in driving cars;

Music playback: Extend audio applications, such as music, radio, and audiobooks, to create an app that lets users browse and play music.

Because of the open source nature of Android, Android Auto is more friendly to third-party applications, and the Android Auto API is provided in the Android SDK.Although Google said: "The developer's API has limited permissions and must be submitted to the Google Play store, and then we manually review the tests and applications."But compared to Carplay's certification process, Android Auto will undoubtedly have more and more rich apps to join.

/ What does Android Auto mean? /

With the upcoming commercialization of 5G networks, smart cars have been widely recognized by the industry as the largest mobile Internet terminal after smartphones.However, the control center of the car has always been dominated by the "car entertainment system" that comes with the car. Although the original car smart terminal is getting better under the efforts of the car manufacturer, the user experience is still not satisfactory: Complex options, slow response, and confusing interactions (compared to smartphones), and because of this, more owners prefer to use their phones in their cars instead of car-mounted smart terminals.

But the security risks brought about by this are very big. Both Google and Apple realized this and developed Android Auto and Carplay, respectively, to help users bypass the native user interface and use the features on their smartphones in a cleaner, more convenient, and more secure way.

Currently, Android Auto has supported more than 100 models.

/ Soling passed Android Auto certification /

The future of smart car popularization will be the inevitable development of society, and an in-vehicle intelligent terminal that can bring good experience to users is indispensable.Since the transformation of vehicle networking hardware and software service providers and automatic driving development, Soling has been firmly grasping the opportunities of the times and using its own excellent technology to seize the opportunities of the industry and provide better services for users.

After passing the Carplay certification, Soling continued on the road of the Internet of Vehicles and passed the Android Auto certification.

During the Carplay certification process, the Soling project team paid a lot of attention, we are still vivid, this Android Auto certification is still full of the sweat of the Soling project team.

Since signing an agreement with Google on NDA, submitting product-related documents to Google for approval and obtaining green light, Soling has fully self-tested, in the entire certification process, such as submitting test reports through laboratory tests and finally sending Google. The serious responsibility of the project team, the quick response to the problem, and the precise grasp of the certification time point are all indispensable parts of the chain of successful certification.

Every drop of sweat that the Soling project team shed on the road of car networking and autopilot development brings more intelligent travel options to users, meeting the different travel needs of users.

In the future, Soling will continue to adhere to independent innovation, improve its technical level, and provide digital, intelligent and networked travel solutions for customers around the world.