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Stride forward, Suo Ling passed Apple CarPlay certification!

Published in 2018-05-09

On November 24, 2017, Soling submitted the CarPlay self-certification test report for the first time and sent the stand to the Apple test for the first time;

On May 7, 2018, after five rounds of testing, Soling passed the CarPlay certification with a pass rate of only 2% in the industry.

May 7th, 2018, this day, all Soling people will be remembered!

When the first generation of iPhone was taken by Steve Jobs, almost no one was optimistic about this palm-sized electronic product, but it became a legendary product that changed the world.

Every time Apple's new products are launched, there is no shortage of buzz, but the onlookers are hit by the data strength.Nowadays, every product of Apple has attracted the attention of the whole world, affecting the heart of every fruit powder.“Would you like to sell sugar for the rest of your life, or do you want an opportunity to change the world?” As the world’s highest listed value, the most recognized company, yes, Apple has never lacked products that can change the world. For example, CarPlay.

/ The car will blow up "Apple Wind" /

CarPlay is an iPhone-provided phone that can be used by car manufacturers or after-loading car manufacturers to allow users to access the iPhone through interactive touch screens or buttons (including steering wheel buttons, center console buttons, knobs) , SMS, navigation, music, podcast and other features of the technology.

CarPlay does not simply copy the iPhone's interface directly to the car screen. Instead, it requires the CarPlay-enabled app to refine the design principles and specifications for the car's usage scenarios, and streamline the features that will appear on the CarPlay interface. : Reduce the amount of information presented, simplify the interface hierarchy, and enlarge the interface elements to bring a good and secure user experience. CarPlay implementation relies on the iPhone.

According to the 2017 China Smart Terminal Report released by big data service provider QuestMobile, the largest brand in China's mobile phone market is still Apple, with a market share of 25.9%. Regardless of the scale of the iPhone China market or the user experience, CarPlay will have an “Apple Wind” in the Chinese auto industry.

/ Soling shares through CarPlay certification /

There is no doubt that CarPlay will be one of the future directions for in-vehicle systems. Through CarPlay certification, the production of products with iPhone and car connectivity capabilities will be able to seize a new round of industry opportunities. In the field of car networking, the Soling shares are deeply rooted in the field of car networking. As Chairman Xiao said, “When you want to drink, you can drink your soup.” Soling has long been a strong player, and has passed the CarPlay certification.

/ However, CarPlay certification is not what you want to pass /

CarPlay certification is difficult and well known in the industry.Apple has strictly checked the application for CarPlay certification. Enterprises must pass multiple assessments before they can pass the certification. Most domestic companies fall under Apple's rigorous certification process.The pass rate of CarPlay certification in the industry is only 2%! It can be said that each of these 2% is rare.

Even if the industry's CarPlay certification pass rate is only 2%, but Soling will never become a member of 98%, this is the confidence from Soling people! From the submission of the product plan in 2017 to the certification in 2018, within nine months, Soling has become 2% in the industry! In the nine months, Soling won the CarPlay certification with only five rounds of testing, far below the certification cycle of more than 10 rounds in the industry!

Even though 2% is already the top of the industry, Soling has to be at the top of the list, which is the confidence of Soling people! In the nine months, Soling shares from the initial application for CarPlay certification, to create a miracle in the industry from scratch, during this period soaked the sweat of Soling's engineers, full of the expectations of all Soling people. Soling's successful CarPlay certification not only proves the strength of Soling's own shares, but also proves the strength of Chinese companies.

/ Success with sweat /

From the first test in November 2017, to the certification in early May 2018, this is the legend of Soling's engineers who used sweat to create a new chapter of Soling's shares written with confidence! Only eight people's development team worked overtime on weekends and reached 433 hours. This is not a working day overtime. A total of 779 BUG is solved. Every drop of sweat that Soling shares engineers shed is a testimony to the strength of Soling.

During the period of fighting for CarPlay certification, the engineers of Soling had overcome the technical difficulties one after another with full enthusiasm, and harvested one wonderful moment after another, and left many stories to be talked about.

On April 18, 2018, Apple tested two questions in the fourth round of testing. In the final stage of this CarPlay certification, in order to confirm the problem, US staff were still discussing test methods at 2 am local time. On April 27, 2018, after many tests, the problem was finally solved and Soling successfully passed the test. There are many similar stories. The adoption of CarPlay certification is inseparable from the efforts of everyone in the engineering team. The support of strong teams and the accurate control and arrangement of the certification process provide a strong foundation for the passage of certification.

/ Soling shares will continue to move forward /

Passing CarPlay certification is another milestone on the road ahead of Soling. It is a privilege won by Soling, which has experienced more than 20 years of wind and rain.

We can be proud of this, but we will never be complacent and stand still. The road to the future is still very long. Soling will not forget the original intention, insist on independent innovation, constantly research the cutting-edge technology of the car network, and create better car networking products for global customers, providing digital, networked and intelligent travel solutions. Actively promote the development of the industry and become the leader in the industry.