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I heard that Soling did a timeshare lease?

Published in 2018-01-31

With the “Drip, good trip” network car model continues to grow, our travel is more and more convenient, people are still sitting at home, the car is already on the way to pick us up. However, the omnipotent big data still reveals a fact that we have been neglected - "there has been a journey that has not been resolved."

/ Development Opportunity /

In the case of Beijing and Shanghai, the shared bicycle solves the 0-3 km public transportation connection demand; the drip + taxi solves the short-distance direct travel demand of 0-10 km; the Shenzhou rental car solves the 100 km. The above medium and long distance car demand; and the 45% to 100% travel demand does not have a corresponding supply.

Take Beijing as an example. Except for walking, cycling, public transportation, subway and other modes of travel, the daily demand for small passenger cars in Beijing is 24.2 million, of which 15 million are private cars, 4 million taxis and black cars, and about 500 are left. Ten thousand times because there is no private car or can not hit the car was forced to take the subway and bus.

In addition, according to the statistics of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the growth rate of private car ownership in China is slowing down, and more and more people are choosing to use public transportation.At the same time, in August 2017, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Small and Minibus Leases” to further encourage and standardize time-sharing.

/ The pain point of the industry /

In fact, time-sharing leasing is not a temporary rise. To be precise, it has been shackled for more than three years under heavy capital and heavy operations.On January 9, 2018, the 4th AutoLab Automotive Industry Annual Conference was held in Shanghai.Micro-tenant car CMO Duan Yi said at the meeting that there are 400-50,000-hour leased vehicles in the market, there are about 400 operators, but only a few of them are quite large.Basic conditions such as landing resources, parking spaces, charging piles, and insurance services are the minimum entry barriers for the time-sharing industry. In addition, there are heavy capital and heavy operational capabilities.

In order to obtain a large number of users, the use of ultra-high cost performance to provide services to attract users, the possibility of profit after the heavy investment of the bicycle is greatly discounted, or even not; and in the case of sustained losses, it is difficult for enterprises to achieve large-scale expansion, and ultimately scarce Resources and broken services further affect user satisfaction and choice.

And in terms of operational capabilities, it is extremely testing the company - how to achieve expansion under limited financial resources? How to achieve the best match between people and cars? EZZY, as the first company to fall into the shared car, said that the person in charge had said that it was indeed playing.

/ Industry's way out /

From the external factors, the country vigorously promotes the construction of charging piles to achieve 4.8 million charging piles in 2020, and many charging pile companies are willing to build piles around time-sharing parking spaces, which can guarantee the utilization rate, which also makes time-sharing enterprises There is no need for dispatchers to transfer vehicles to other places for charging, and there are local governments that offer low-cost or free parking spaces for new energy time-sharing leases.

From the perspective of internal factors, Jing Guopeng, CEO of Jingyu Travel, believes that it is necessary to adopt a "concentrated" approach, not to rush to expand the scale of vehicles, but to focus on the development and application of core technologies. According to micro-tenant segment Duan, big data is the key to helping operating partners reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency. It is also a reliable means to enhance user stickiness and core strengths of the enterprise.Xu Guopeng also affirmed the important role of data application in time-sharing, such as access to information through in-car operations and control, charging pile data, mobile phone transmission, parking space information, and vehicle hardware, which constitute an important source of understanding user behavior. Data collection such as power consumption, mileage, operating conditions, and vehicle failures are also prerequisites for improving operational services.

/ Soling joins the time-sharing leasing army /

As a vehicle hardware and software service provider, Soling has been deeply involved in the industry for 20 years and has formed a comprehensive enterprise of “hardware + platform”. In the time-sharing lease, Soling uses the big data development technology and its own industry experience, and also explores a set of software services to help enterprises improve operational services while giving users a new car experience.

Soling's time-sharing platform is composed of vehicle terminal, rental business center, operation management platform, vehicle networking data center, mobile APP application and third-party payment service. It fully realizes the customer's on-demand and full-service self-service, and also makes the user It is more convenient to use the car in the park for commuting, daily travel in the city or short-distance travel around the city.

Users only need to download the APP registration account to start the car rental business. Soling also added maps, car navigation, vehicle condition check, mileage power query and parking space search in the app to fully meet the user's driving needs and no worries.

On the enterprise side, the Soling platform not only has integrated fleet management, but also real-time mastery of operation scheduling, operation planning, driver management, and itinerary record management. In the operation management platform, Soling also has set up customer relationship management in a targeted manner. Customers, with a variety of activity tools, reminders, information and other information to increase user activity and viscosity, and finally through our CRM system to help companies analyze user hobbies, behaviors, to maximize the company familiar with your customers, Thereby providing customers with "just good" demand services, increasing user satisfaction.

Soling travel smart travel. Whether it is car networking, driverless or time-sharing, Soling will provide you with professional and personalized driving services and experience with cutting-edge technology.