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SoLing and Apollo joilntly developed driverless, this is just the beginning!

Published in 2018-01-09

In 1940, American industrial designer Norman Bell Geddes first proposed driverless technology. He predicted that the future human "rides a new car that relies on button operation and does not require human driving."

In January 2018, US local time on January 8, Baidu Group President, COO Lu Qi announced at the Baidu World Congress in Las Vegas that Baidu officially launched the Apollo 2.0 autopilot platform, which is the world's first open automatic The driving platform is also the most dynamic autonomous driving platform in the world!

Less than eighty years have passed, and drones are within reach.

/ Apollo Development Review /

On July 5, 2017, Baidu officially opened the Apollo 1.0 version at Baidu's first AI Developer Conference, providing an open, complete and secure software platform to partners in the automotive industry and autonomous driving to help them quickly. Build a self-driving system of your own;

On September 20, 2017, Baidu released Apollo 1.5 version to help developers and partners have the ability to drive unmanned technology further, and support automatic follow-up, road correction, automatic parking, adaptive cruise and other fixed-drum Autopilot function;

The Apollo 2.0 version released this time truly realizes the automatic driving of simple city road conditions, including turning, lane change, signal recognition, automatic follow-up, overtaking, avoiding obstacles, turning around, etc., except for specific situations, basically no need Manual intervention.

In just half a year, Apollo has made a leap forward! This is Baidu's progress, China's progress, and the progress of all mankind!

Lu Qi shouted in his speech, "AI is changing the world, China speed."

He was remotely connected to Beijing at 7 o'clock in the morning in Las Vegas. The "remote control" ten Apollo unmanned vehicles drove around Baidu Building to show the world what Apollo is to the world's developers and partners. What is China speed!

/ 16.5 million lines of code cast Apollo2.0 /

According to Wang Jingao, head of Apollo platform research and development, Apollo 2.0 has a total of 165,000 lines of code. It has four modules including cloud service, software platform, reference hardware platform and reference vehicle platform. The solution and flexible architecture open security services for the first time and further enhance self-positioning, awareness, planning decisions and cloud simulation capabilities.

Silicon Valley autopilot startup AutonomouStuff upgraded the Apollo 1.0 vehicle to the Apollo 2.0 version within a week, enabling day and night simple urban road autopilots, fully demonstrating the flexibility and ease of use of Apollo 2.0.

/ Soling combined with Apollo, driving unmanned /

At present, Apollo Eco Partners have already radiated OEM, Tier1, core suppliers, travel service providers, emerging companies, fund investment institutions, relevant government and research institutions in the scope of cooperation,Soling is naturally among them.

Soling firmly grasps the opportunities of the development of the times, is committed to the development of the car networking ecology, new energy vehicles and driverless, has been deeply ploughing the industry for more than 20 years, has accumulated rich experience in vehicle networking technology, and built a sound intelligent travel ecology chain.

As a partner of Baidu, the release of Apollo 2.0 has a positive effect on the strategic level of Soling's establishment of the car networking ecosystem and continuous driving toward driverless research. With the addition of Sanqi, Yingka and Shanghai Hangsheng,Soling realized the complete industrial chain of “technology + hardware + software + platform”, with the “program” service as the fulcrum, to all important links in the industrial chain. Such as car machine manufacturers, map dealers, dealers, 4S stores, car owners, etc. to provide personalized customized business platform support, into a healthy, sustainable development system, and thus achieve barrier-free information sharing.

As Lu Qi said, “This is just a beginning.” This is just the beginning, the beginning of autonomous driving, and the beginning of a new era for Soling.

In the future, Soling will invest more in the research of driverless technology, and popularize Apollo system and automatic driving to the whole world, truly ushering in the era of automatic driving for all, bringing smarter, more professional and more personalized to customers all over the world. Travel solution. Grasping the wave of the times, step by step, and winning greater opportunities for development.